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For what it is worth, I've enjoyed this game thus far. This game is hard, but possible. I did feel compelled to replace the included copy of Distributed's, "Down with the Sickness" with another MP3. The original music is quite well done.

To play, you must setup the patch 2.0.1 correctly. I had to "install" it to a separate location, then copy all of those file to the Tainted Element directory. The "patched" game.ini file had a line which didn't allow me to run the game, so I just removed "RTP=RPGVXAce" from the start of that ini and everything worked after that. You know it is working if you start with an assassination in a temple instead of calmly walking around a town.

Thanks for putting this together for us to enjoy!

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I intended to remove the Disturbed song, but guess I never did. This project got pushed pretty far back due to some videos, podcasts, and other stuff I've taken it, but it remains something I intend to fix and finish. Thank you for your patience. :)