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Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I intended to remove the Disturbed song, but guess I never did. This project got pushed pretty far back due to some videos, podcasts, and other stuff I've taken it, but it remains something I intend to fix and finish. Thank you for your patience. :)

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I am currently snagged with a complex event, but that's good. I like complex events, and they're only going to get more complex as things continue, especially since the hand-holding part is nearly over. There were initially five of these "starting areas" planned, but I've dropped the fifth one because I felt like it was just too much, like by that point players would be like "Are we ever going to get past the intro?!"

Thanks for the input. Hopefully I can deliver. :D

I've added a small patch above that should fix the issue. Looks like it had to do with where the NPC was trying to move to. Just extract the files to the same directory as you initially installed to, and choose to overwrite. I'll upload a more recent version of the core game so that patching isn't necessary soon, but I need to finish that section with Drusilia first. Will be this week, if you want to just wait for a more substantial update. Most likely Saturday.

Don't reinstall yet. Let me take a look and see what's going on. It's surely an issue with the event. I'll trace it down and upload a modified version. I haven't added much lately, so you're practically at the end of where I've reached as it is, but it's been an unusually busy two weeks. Sorry for not moving forward quickly.