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I saw that with each update, we will have to more or less re-download the file every time, but will our save files transfer over? Ive completed Coach, Spencer, and Darius already. (Spencer is by far my favorite, hes like the dream guy of mine, sigh), And while I would most certainly not mind going from the beginning, it would be nice to not always have to do so.

The saves to transfer just fine! From time to time though, if I add new variables (or if it's been a while since you started over from the beginning), you might have to start over fresh. It doesn't seem to come up as often as it used to anymore!

Thank you very much!!! Im actually replaying Spencer's route right now. He is my favorite!

Oh yeah. Spence is definitely my favorite too. I cant wait till he gives us the Lumberjack Hardwood Special. ;)