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How do you determine if the theater of war the party is going into is an active theater of war*? 


Oh jeeze, sorry for the delay!
An active theater of war, as listed in the module, is pretty much the Bridge/No-Man's-Land, and hostile territory where the enemy army is presently fighting. It is meant to shift but I likely didn't convey that as well as I could in this initial draft. 

A better version of the Battlefield, with rulings to make your own battlefield and such will be in Rakehell 2 which I hope to have out in a month or so. 

I'll get back to you with a better read on this in an hour or so, as I just noticed this while in the middle of something.

- Brian

Thank you.
Very excited for Rakehell 2.  

Is there a way to determine where the enemy army is presently fighting, other then the Bridge and No-Man's-Land?


The idea is that the enemy army is fighting mostly everywhere, with the Bridge being the active center of the combat.  Active Threats are meant to be the sort of forward charge/enemies sneaking about on the battlefield and encountering the knaves. I'll try to clean this up and post a new version tomorrow or Friday, as I'm looking at it deeply now and I can 100% better explain/elaborate on these things. 

Sorry for all the delays on this,  world's a bit hectic right now for me. But I appreciate the patience and patronage. 

- Brian

Oh no, take your time. I appreciate you taking the time to answer.