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Its noise. artifacts. remnants of play. immediate feedback nostalgia. I've found the silliest of things with a leaderboard can get people to do the most annoying tasks repeatedly (in the mobile games indie space) and they get something out of it. Probably an endorphin hit ;) But leaderboards don't affect everyone. Its about 1 in 3, in my limited anecdotal experience, can be lured (to varying degrees too. some people can't say no to a leaderboard once they place on it.) I use it for retention and engagement mechanism in my line of work. but I digress! bah blah blah!

But what drove me to ask, was I truly wanted to see what others saw! I found the comment stream about results enticing and entertaining. However you bubble out stats would have brought me another ounce of joy. Who got off the fastest, I'd like to see how that happened, and who lasted the longest and were successful and failed (how grueling in both cases.) i.e., fnd a way to make a Zero Player Shared Experience.
Play stats might be a happy medium, but I mean... zero player stuff is fun to dabble with imo, but investing further is just a labor of love. If the muse wants, the muse gets... lol. I am just happy you put this out as it is. It was interesting to read and pass time... :D It was a modern Lazy Oregon Trail style experience... very nostalgic in that regard.