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Dear friend,
Thanks for your feedback!
I solved this issue, and a fix will be up in the near future to prevent this to happen with others.

But your savegame still points you to a location where you stuck.
So I created some new ones for you:

Please replace your corrupt ones with these in:

You can place your camera in the "Air" machine thing, below the press button, to dry it out and make it work again.

Also attach the "camera flash attachment" to your Camera in the inventory, to make a flashlight from it.

I'm going to create more hints to this tonight.

Thank you again,

Adam Dubi

Thanks for the new file. Unfortunately, I'm having an issue with finding the Local Save Files for the game. I searched around in my system and found the AdamLM folder, but the only thing I could find were the 'Binaries' and 'Content' folders. I even tried creating a save folder for it, but no luck. Also, there was nothing dealing with the game in my User folder. I even went through Steam to search, but I couldn't anything. Any ideas?