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Hey guys,

House Party 0.6.1 has just been released to Beta testers. It includes the final conclusion to Katherine's story as well as a lot of new game mechanics. Here is the full list of updates on this version:

General Bug Fixes
Code optimizations
Fixed a bunch of typos in dialogue
Fixed some story continuity errors
Revamped sex system to allow for easier expansion in the future
Revamped and fine-tuned all sex code
Added Doggie Style sex
Added female masturbation
Added ability for all characters to perform sex acts
Fixed floating pillows issue
Fixed an issue where Patrick would get his wine back after you had given it to Frank or Stephanie
Made it so the kettle cannot be knocked over
Finished Rachael's dare game
Finished Rachael Ending 1

If you are already a beta tester, or to find out how to become one, visit here:

Or to download the latest public version of House Party, click here: