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It's still not working, when I click on buy now, there's a button that allowed me to choose either paypal or credit card....when I click that, both pages do not work and lead me to this blank page that writes, 

{"errors":["source must be one of paypal, amazon, stripe"]}

Hm... I'm not sure what the issue could be, you'll probably need to contact support to sort that one out. 
Otherwise you can wait for the steam release, but that will be a couple of months. (Aiming for late september/early october)

Hi again ysoria!

I tried reconnecting my paypal to itch, so give it another go and see if it works now. 

Hi thanks.  I'd managed to purchased the game.  Think it's probably a glitch with the itch app.

Hi ysoria!

Glad it got sorted. Good to know.
Hope you enjoy the game!