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Hello Selavi Games!
Thanks a lot for the BG pack, I just bought it and think it's really cool!
I'll use it on my game.

I just have some question: do you have the file "hallway school" without the "Go Hawks" text?
and also the "school entrance" files without the "Maple Park High School" text?

If so, could you please send me? Thanks a lot for the pack and attention. Wish you success!

Hi! I added the backgrounds without text to the pack and released it as a new version, 1.31. I didn't have the entrance BG without the plaque entirely, if that's what you meant, but you should be able to place whatever text you want there now. Hope you'll find them useful! 

Hello! Thanks a lot for the answer and updated version with new files.

Keeping the plaque is okay, I just wanted to give me game's school a different name, that's all. Thanks a lot for the great work and support!

Wish you al the happiness and success in the world! :D