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Apotheosis is a serious contender for best first page in a game.

I'm not going to spoil it, but the first page after the table of contents is the strongest cold open I have ever seen to a system, and somehow it's nonfiction to boot.

It's worth $5 alone, and the game gets better from there.

Overall, Apotheosis is about stories and language and how those things change---but whereas I bounced off of Dialect (which uses a similar premise) like a rubber ball off a brick wall, I got four pages into Apotheosis and was stuck fast.

Apotheosis knows that it's a lore generation game, and it doesn't bog itself down or force roleplay. It gives you a clear explanation for what it's doing, then shows you with simple, direct steps how to play.

So, if you nerd out about storytelling, folklore, culture, and history: get this game. If you want something quick and easy to play that lets you just improvise a culture and a history for about an hour, get this game.

It's not crunchy, so if you're averse to purely story games, this is probably not what you're looking for, but I'd strongly recommend it otherwise.

Also, although it has only one art piece, it's a really good one, and the layout is super strong and clear.

Minor Issues:

-Page 5, "a culture is define" defined

-Page 6, "We value those who respect the planet" the end of this sentence is missing a period


Wow I'm humbled... that's such high praise! So glad you liked it, would love to know what kind of legends you come up with.