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This was a lot of fun! I really liked this way of being introduced to the characters and learning small tidbits about them in each section.

Wouldn't mind doing something like that in RL either I think.

I had a bug in the demo where after I met Marco during the second round the game just shunted me to "thanks for playing" and the start menu instead of letting me pick a partner for the third round. I think I talked to Jolene in the first round that time, but I'm not certain.

Otherwise everything worked fine, and I had a fun time balancing the meet-ups to be able to talk to everyone and unlock all the stars. Only thing I will say is that I wish the ending teasers had a bit more about Eddie too, and not just the potential dates.

Definitely picking this up on release. :)

Hey, thanks so much for playing! And thanks for letting me know about the bug with Marco's second conversation -- oddly, neither I or any of my beta testers ran into a bug quite like that, and there's nothing in the code that would cause that to happen easily, so it seems like something that got exported incorrectly. Yikes! Good to know about!

I'm glad you enjoyed learning about the other characters and that the format worked for you. Speed friending seemed like a good way to introduce the near-full cast of characters, so it's great to hear that it was fun to play through, too! (And don't worry, there's plenty of Eddie in the full game! Too much Eddie, maybe? A whooooole lot of Eddie.)