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Hi everyone, dev Lore here. I'm typing from my phone at the moment so I'm sorry if this comes out weirdly.

This project is most certainly not dead, nor is it a scam. We were just at PAX East promoting it with a new demo and such, I've just been trying to iron out the kinks in that demo before releasing it to the general public. I was waiting to update when that was ready.

I've personally had a lot of things change in my life since last year. In general, I don't have as much time for game dev as I used to since I graduated college and got a full-time job. I'm not online as much as before either so I imagine that makes it look like our social media presence is a bit dead. All 3 of us are much busier with other obligations than before That doesn't excuse the lack of updates, I know, and I'm sorry. There isn't a lot to report right now, the game is just getting done slowly but surely. We'll try our best to update the blog soon.

We know it's disappointing that the game is taking longer to complete than anticipated. Trust me, it's as disappointing to us as it is to you. We've run into some unexpected problems and it's tough going, but our determination to finish the game has never wavered. Nonetheless, we've always given preorder refunds to people who needed them, no questions asked. If you email me at with the details of your purchase, I'll get back to you with a refund within 24 hours.

I'm sorry again for the trouble and for worrying everyone. I know it's probably extra troubling because we used to be so on track with updates, but sadly life happens sometimes and it can be hard to adjust. We'll do our best to improve communication and I hope that the game can still be enjoyed once it's released. Thanks for reading.


Glad to see an official update after over half a year of silence; I did see on Twitter that you were promoting the game at PAX, so I figured the project wasn't dead, but it's still nice to see it being addressed.

Good luck with further development and life! I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Hope to see the new demo soon too (:


Happy to see that you guys are still working on this. Thanks so much for the update!


Yay update!


Please upload as soon as possible. So we can purchase and play to our hearts content. Thanks for taking the time to post. Much love.xx