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It's cute, and kind of interesting to see what happens when you do different things with different people, but after your second or third attempt, it feels mundane and pointless, because you quickly realize that no matter what you do, you're either going to suffer, starve, or become evil. In the end, there is no choice, there is no good ending, and that takes away from the enjoyment.

Third playthrough, I was working very hard to keep a pure heart, and had resorted to eating apples and picnic baskets. I'd gotten a tiny smidge of darkness, by another character's fault, and suddenly, I was given no choice but to either punch the snowman in the face, or eat him. Being that I was starving from everyone trying to deny me food, I had to eat him. ONE bad action turned the entire heart black.

At that point I threw up my hands in defeat and quit the game. There is no winning. There is no saving the bear. He either dies or becomes evil, end of story.

You're not locked into encounters. You gotta choose one eventually, but so long as you find food in between, you can back out and wait for the next encounter.