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More Feedback: I think the tile selection function has a lot of promise. I worked really hard to try and see how I can make the Tile "create" mode work. I have the following observations.

1. Most importantly, the engine fights any changes any tiles you select and create. Its as if it is analyzing what you selected and then going I think you really wanted "this". After dozens of attempts to isolate individual block areas and such, 9% of the time, it added more to the selection or simply refused to make it its own object. POSSIBLE FIX: Make user input locked so that the software can't change any created objects unless they are deleted. In other words, restrict the software from making changes to user overrides.

2. Some selections don't take. I think this is related to the above as it's usually a tile near black or a different color. In this case, I tried making individual tiles near steps their own object so that the steps could be more their own shape. The program either simply ignores the override or changes it as soon as the game starts back up. An locked user override option would fix this too.

3. I'm not sure why but some tile layouts give an error upon reloading (Cannot not cast from source type to destination type) and completely corrupt the profile. EXAMPLE: I wanted to make the pillars in the first level of Castlevania separate objects. I could make the bases objects but the pillars wouldn't. So to trick it, I make the walls objects which then "automatically" makes the pillars objects. Additionally, I can make them stand out by creating 2 row of tiles in a pillar as an object then resuming game. At that point, the software readjusts my selection to make the whole pillar a separate object. However, the walls with windows (which show as a separate object now too) cause this error on reloaded. NOTE: I have tried many different combos of the above scenario and the error always comes after the wall with the window becomes it's own object. SEE THIS LINK FOR PICS

4. Have to hold SHIFT in merge and tile mode to multi-select is redundant and unnecessary. There are no other actions you can perform other than selecting tiles and unselecting tiles so holding shift is just an extra step. It would be much easier just to have as click to highlight and select all tiles needed and click again to deselect (in advent of accidentally selecting a tile which happens often).

The tile mode can really add some flexibility for us to make better profiles.

EDIT: I now keep backups of 3DN files so I can experiment so testing was fairly easy.

EDIT2: Sorry the screenshot for before I make edits is here

EDIT3: Lined out errors due to rom corruption and not software

- Martin