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After a bit of grinding and becoming confident in my skills, I find myself wanting to challenge other strangers in Crash City.... apologies if this has been addressed already, but will there be an online multiplayer mode in the future, with "quick match" (stranger vs stranger) and "seeking match" (friend on friend, using an ID code perhaps?)?

Also a small note on art/design: the only thing that mildly bothers me is the shortcut icon on my desktop; the red triangle block on its own looks a little ugly (imo) and I don't feel like it represents the game itself. Is it a random red triangle? Some sort of emergency software? No, it's a super fun game called WaveCrash!! I think having the WaveCrash logo or perhaps Yo smashin a block would both look better and remind people what the game is. Either way, I love this game, and I'm super excited to see its future development!


Thanks for the feedback on the icon! Right are no plans for online due to a lack of resources and time to develop it on my part.