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Hi, i use the keyboard and mouse cheats and nothing happens.

Hey Baron,

Are you using the latest version of the game?

I added these easier inputs for the cheats

Just press and hold all three keys at the same time:

Invulnerability: I N L

Big Bullets: B Y G

Big Head Mode: B I G

Max Resources: R S C

Max Hearts: H R T

Max Ammo: G U N

Herd Up: H U P

Herd Down: H D M

Max Gas: G A S

All Survivors: S U V

All Shards: O R B

If these cheets are the ones you're having trouble with, I've noticed some keyboards have trouble reading 3 keys at the same time.

to use the cheats all that is necessary is to have the player joined and active. Could you try a different Keyboard just to rule that out? I can send you a build with an easier method of inputing them if necessary,

Thanks for the support, Let me know if I can help,