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This game is a true gem, so happy I had the chance to discover it in this bundle! Everything is just outstanding, from character development to the game art! I enjoyed every part of it! This game deserves so much more attention! I'll offer it to a friend on steam to thank you for this experience and your participation in this bundle.

Such care for the language barrier, side quests, events, lightings, decors... Wow. The whole universe feels more than solid, and it's amazing to see the story progression and every character point of view on occuring events.

I'll definitely be here when chapter 3 will release!! I was just a bit surprised how chapter 2 boss was so easy to counter using items that targets all enemies at once... In my humble opinion, you still have room for improvement concerning overall combat balance and items, but this is the only minus I could find, and this speaks volume.

Keep up the good stunning work and thanks again!


Wow, thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot! We might still rebalance some enemies that were already present in the first chapters, so thanks for your feedback too!