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Really nice concept though I think some tweaking of what the default options are would make a much better first impression:

  • Toggle mode should be the default in my opinion.
  • B scheme should be the default; if playing on keyboard it doesn't make a lot of sense to pull pieces down faster with UP and rotate them with DOWN, I kept confusing them.

Some other issues:

  • If you pause the game and you're playing with toggle mode, selecting menu options with space will toggle the mode in the background.
  • I cleared the objectives but my blocks piled up, how do I complete the level? Also my knight got stuck there at the upper end of the screen at one point for some reason, couldn't move anywhere else despite being able to move around in those tiles moments before.

It's possible the exit spawned but it's above the play area. It should have spawned with the next block after completing the objectives though.