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Idon't even know where to begin on how much I enjoy the entire game, and how glad I am that it is free. I don't have much money myself, and the fact that the entire premise of the game, along with the graphics are significantly more beautiful than games I've seen people pay a pretty penny for - well, it means a lot to me.

Admittedly, even though it was recommended to play in the order of Rod - Karma - Rumpel - Fritz - Waltz, I didn't like Rod's attitude at the beginning and immediately went for Karma. (I ended up loving Rod's route when I played it, and the bad ending still breaks my heart to this day.) I must say, I still love Waltz route the absolute most, but Rumpel and Karma's routes made me laugh the most. I wish I saw more of Mr Broom, because it added a light, happy, and comedic tone to the entire game, especially how Mr Broom's emotions are displayed. He is very cute indeed, and you guys really did go through the effort to insert little gags, or side characters that are very, very easy to love. I appreciate the game all the more, because your efforts don't go unnoticed.

For Karma, I can't emphasize how much I love his route and him as a character. I was surprise when I read the walkthrough and saw some answers for the good ending, considering that most otome games always require the heroine to agree, nod, be submissive - or they will have blatant answers that shows what the player should pick. This isn't the case for Cinderella Phenomenon. That is absolutely lovely, and it makes me keep wanting to play. Karma is a fascinating character - all of them are - , and I just love all the comedic or overall happy scenes Lucette has with him.

Initially - I'll admit - I didn't like Rod as much. I think what I liked the most about Rod was the fact that he has the most adorable plush bunny I've ever seen in my entire life - Sebby - happily perched on his shoulder. His interactions with Sebby make me laugh as well, and him and Lucette does seem like two of a kind. Rod's ... curse is interesting, to say the least, and his bad ending just shatters me, especially his last line. I just love Sebby. I don't think words can describe how /cute/ Sebby is. Rod's curse, coupled with the history behind his curse is relatively devastating.

I'm pleasantly surprised with Rumpel's route. For me, Karma's route is actually the most light-hearted (ignoring his bad ending, since that made me stare at my screen in outrage and shock, and then immediately trying to replay the game). However, Rumpel's route is the funniest, and it cracks so many smiles on my face, it's wonderful. What I enjoy about Rumpel the most is his unexpected seriousness or kindness that surprised Lucette when she finds out about the other side of him. What I love the most is the cause of his curse - and how Rumpel is tactful enough to know when and when not to keep his head down. Rumpel's route did offer something special; instead of helping Lucette to care about others, he actually showered Lucette with a lot of love until she's ready to step out and care for others as well, under his encouragement. His approach to Lucette is very different from everyone else's (to be fair, all their approaches are different), but something that deeply touched me.

As for Fritz, well. His route is the most devastating, but he strikes me as the 'childhood sweetheart' kind of troupe, where he happily sticks by Lucette's side until she's ready to step out and thaw as the ice princess. I deeply appreciate his kindness, though, his good ending is really tugs the most at my heart-strings. He really remained as her knight, loyal through the end, and I think Fritz's curse is the most surprising. Of course, his curse can be guessed, but then I originally thought it was more of a Jekyll & Hyde curse than what it really was. Fritz is really a very sweet character, and I think his hair and eye color is one of the best combination I've seen- white and gold. Very beautiful.

Finally, Waltz. I'm not sure where to begin. I actually guessed Fritz's curse in earlier routes, even without playing his route - at least, I had an inkling, but for Waltz, I actually had to finish Fritz's route before I realized something was off. I actually had a theory about Waltz before I played his route - that Waltz loves Lucette through every single one of the routes, and what tipped me off was one of the scenes in Fritz's route ( that I'm not sure if I can mention, since I'm not sure if spoilers are allowed...? ). I was actually wondering about Waltz in the beginning, when he first approached Lucette as a street performer - and when I finished all his route and all the pieces fell into place - dear lord, I don't think I've love a game this much before.

Aside from all the main characters, I must say, I love all the side characters as well. Delora, despite her cutting sacarsm and her blunt remarks, acted like a maternal figure to Lucette, and her concern for Lucette is really transparent. Garlan and Jurien's relationship is beautiful, and I love their character design. Annice is a wonderful contributing character, and you covered the villains wonderfully as well.

One thing I really love the most is the main character - Lucette. Lucette strikes me, specifically because she's so different from the typical "kind and submissive" female main character trope that is usually scene in otome games. Lucette has her own flaws, her own issues to work on, and most important, Lucette has stubborn demeanor, which fights instead of fleeing behind everyone. None of the male characters are overly dominant and verbally abusive, which is something I deeply appreciate, since those tropes are overly done and does not portray a healthy relationship whatsoever. Literally all of the males have kindness and they are willing to help Lucette with their own unique ways, and I think that is the most touching aspect of the game. All of the males patiently help Lucette thaw her ice princess demeanor, and so does all the side characters, especially Annice, Parfait, Delora, Garlan, and Jurien. The music is completely and utterly amazing. I keep having the game play in the background because I love the music so much, and you guys really made all the best choices in your writing, art, music, plot- I can't emphasize how well executed this entire game is.

Graphics is one of the most important aspect of a game - I can't fully enjoy a game without good music and art, and oh wow, this game is just astounding in both fields. All the character designs are very unique (I love Lucette's character design very much). I think this game is lovely, no amount of words can describe how well-thoughtout the entire premise is- and really, well done. I look forward to all your future projects, and I sincerely hope that you will continue making games for a long time.

Also- just one last question, out of curiosity, is there any way I can fund you guys and/or buy the fan disk for cinderella phenomenon? I took a look through the site, but I can't exactly find a way --

(Thank you for reading through this huge jumble of text. I'm not a native english speaker, so I hope my sentences are comprehensible.)

Wow. First of all, your detailed comments really made our day! Thank you so, so much for taking the time to write your thoughts about the game. We're glad that you enjoyed playing it.

Right now, we can only accept donations through this site. As for the fandisk, we're working on it now. We'll keep everyone updated on our tumblr. :)