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Hi! I've played, and beat the game. It was really fun and challenging! I think the only problem I had was that the game was a little too short. But that's only if you go straight to the orbs lol. Pretty sweet game though! I had a ton of fun playing it. Maybe some different types of guns and some tanks that can blow up buildings would be awesome! And a extended campain, or even just a final boss thats super hard and takes like 300 bullets to defeat?!?! Over all pretty cool game, I would buy it for 10-15 dollars if you add some more content to it. Some pretty cool developers you guys/girls got too. Overall 6/10 more content would be about 8/10 destructible buildings.. 10/10 lol

Hey LooneyPwnder,

Thanks so much for the support! There's lots of this and a lot more content and destructible stuff coming very very soon stay tuned! DLC additions will be cheap but you will also be able to obtain everything for free though the game.

Thanks again for the feedback,