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Of course not but I'll just remake it. I don't mind. The longest part was just learning the tool and how I wanted to achieve results. I'm pretty set now.

BTW, I think the bigger problem might be the merge function. I conducted a very simple and preliminary test.

1. I "merged" all the objects in the Castlevania 2 title screen (it's all one image visually minus the Konami logo). That bonked the profile after I reloaded. It might be I merged too much but 3Dnes definitely glitched. Three fourths of the title screen was missing on load.

2. I just "created" tiles (in tile mode) on the might and magic screen to separate out the NPC frame. It worked although it added to what I selected. The frame has a "demon" above it, it auto added that demon to the frame. I've added pics to the shared folder I already linked for reference.

- Martin