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Hi. First of all, i put this in Steam. I don't know if the creator (Sirhaian) will read it there, and i wanna make sure that at least I try it to him to read it. I'd love to. And sry for bad spelling, grammar or whatever. Im still learning english. i hope y'all can understand. (this first thing wasnt in steam. and in the middle-last part im getting emotional. sry about that. now, lets read it (if u want)):

Please, play it.

At the first arc, it can seem scary and horroful. And it is. But in the second and the third arc, its beautiful. Its awesome. I love this game with all my sould, and I hope this gets to the creator. If you are reading this, really good job, man. This game is awesome and deserves to be known around the world. Even though it is known right now.

If you are thinking about playing it, do it. It's freaking awesome. It talks about depression, anxiety, and a lot of more mental things that people doesn't talk. Of course, I do not recommend the people with depression and anxiety to play it alone. In the first part of the acts, the anxiety, I feel extremely annoyed and worried about all of that. It makes me feel bad, it provocates anxiety in me. And though I don't like anxiety, the girl of the light is awesome. It shows you how to manage this anxiety and she saves you in the game. So yeah, play this game. And play it 3 times. Explore it as much as possible. Search easter eggs, read all, explore, experiment... Have fun. Though is scary and it causes anxiety and makes you sad, play it. Have fun. If you are alone, put music. It helps me a lot. Write me in the comments for this.

I know im nobody to say this, to say to y'all to talk to me, do it if u want. i wont judge. talk me as a diary, as a friend, as a confident... i dont care. but if u feel that u need help to pass the game or maybe u feel like the dude in the game. If u are feeling like that, talk to someone. It's difficult, this game is telling that in a very especific way. And it's very good. So, please, if u feel like that, talk to me. Nobody will know of what are u talking to me, im just a random dude. but if u wanna relieve some things that happened to you, here i'm. just type me in the comments something like "i wanna talk" or "send me a friend request" and ill know u wanna talk. ill love to talk to you. ill be waiting. :)

In a nutshell, two things.
1. Sirhaian, thanks for doing this game. Its beautiful and has a lot of meaning. It does matter who created this. you are a very good person, dude. ily (it means i love you).
2. If u wanna talk (about the game, help for the game or if u are feeling bad and u need to talk to someone) im here. just type me.

i hope no one feels like that guy. its very bad. luck and love for all of you, people.


Thank you so much for this comment. It means a lot to me, really. I'm truly blessed by all the players, you brought meaning to this experiment of mine, and I'll never thank you all enough. I wish you the best, and thank you for offering your help to others.


I'm glad that my comment means something to you, it was one of my goals with that. And we'll maybe bring meaning to "When the Darkness comes", but it was truly awesome. All of it. For me, it has a meaning of its own. I wish the best to you too. :)