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make a better trailer, it goes something like this...

the dash (-) indicates that it is another script option for the trailer.

the [square brackets] indicate that there will be a big text that covers up the screen in that script.

the {curly brackets} are small text under the big text

or if you want to, you dont have to use the text at all! xD

the _underscores_ mean to play a clip in that script (i will be sending you clips that i'll record soon! once i get the full version...)

the /slash/ means to show the text at that line of script.


voice: (wecome to) _Vil/monic! [VILMONIC] <- or you can just show a clip of u standing there in the big bright world zooming out slowly, no text at all... dunno xD

voice: cre/ate your _character! [CREATE {YOUR CHARACTER}]

voice: start/ from the _box! (or) start/ your _species! [START {YOUR SPECIES}]

voice: feed /your creatures with _nutritional (plants - fungi) [FEED]

voice: (protect/ your creatures from - avoid/ from) infected_ (humanoids - humans - robots - zombies - people)!


voice: build/ creature pens and_ (fungi) farms! [BUILD]

voice: (build/ - create/ - start/) a_ civilization! [(CREATE - BUILD - START) (A) CIVILIZATION ] <--- do you understand this one?

voice: (create/ - build/) (a - the) dominant_ species! [(CREATE - BUILD) (A - THE) DOMINANT SPECIES] <-- not sure about this one :|

voice: Vilmonic! get it on steam today! [VILMONIC] {Get It On Steam Today!} under the small text> {$9.99}

phew it might be complicated but its accurate! hope you understand all of it!

WHOA! This is awesome. I really do need a better trailer. Coming soon...

glad you like it! im gonna make a example vid of it soon. :)