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Hello! What a fantastic game :) I had never heard of Game Poems before, but you've made loving them extremely easy.

My favourites:

* Three old men: I know it is the first one, but you open so strongly! To imagine these men coming back and back again to each other, even after everything they've done, really just puts you in That mentality that permeates the entirety of your work. It also transmits really well the "poem" part of your games, I feel. 

* All the color is gone: Probably my favourite one! Colour is such a strong part of my life (many of my memories are reduced to little more than that and what I was feeling) so to see you experiment with that was wonderful. My feelings when I read the person not remembering the colour after explaining their memory..... Ugh so good!!! 

* Slower than light: SUCH a good idea... Especially because every time we're face to face with someone we expect instant communication (and often even now with social media). It reminded me of those apps in which you can send "letters" that will take the same amount of time as snail mail depending on where they leave. I love it :)

* Goofball: Fuck !! Never been in the kind of relationship this game poem clearly implies but holy fuck the symbolism of ripping money is VERY potent. Like I don't even think I could play this, and I am not particularly attached to money. But getting approval from the other person just when you rip money... gods.

* We are the only ones left: My second favourite favourite... Heartbreaking like few things I have seen, especially if you play it with real life names as suggested and properly get into the tone that you suggest for the game. I'd rather not think about it x 

Anyway this is an extremely long review BUT I was just so struck by your games! They are all so good (I had to tone down my previous list of favourites because it was too long haha) and they evoked SO many different emotions and feelings. Absolutely unreal. Honestly thank you so much!