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Right Click To Necromance is a really fun little game.
It's really easy to play and intuitive, the graphics are simple but match the game really well. I really like the fact that they took the time to create different units to this game, makes it a lot more enjoyable to play. It would be really nice to have a full version of this :D
You can watch a bit of my gameplay below (I encountered a weird bug at the end)

well the bug not your problem i love game i do not like the big giant i think they should put wizard in the game that would be cool BYE

Yeah the rock dudes, small and the big one are kind of slow which is really annoying since you control all troops at the same time, but I guess they have their use. I also think that more ranged units, archers or wizards could be cool, but I don't think the devs are still working on this, or planning any sort of update, I may be mistaken though.