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But I made it stuck with the pipe XD. Maybe you could add you can break it with pieces of the other wall or rocks... Like after 3 hits or someting.

The rock is reshaped so that pipe is "less jammed" - it's easier to pull it out. Also walls will be breakable with rubble, pipe, box, etc. BTW, wall breaks once certain amount of destruction energy is applied - it could be series of weak hits, couple of stronger hits or a single well timed swing. And thanks for posting replies to questions by other people, really appreciate your help.

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Your welcome. I love your game, and don't want you to waste your time on all the stupid or useless questions, if they just can read a earlier post, with the answer in it... It's the least I can do for you beside buying the game :P Thanks for your answers and quick response BTW If you ever need someone to reply to the tickets on steam and questions, you can always ask and count on me.

Hey there, could you get in touch: human at nobrakesgames dot com?

I send you an email :)