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This was a really great story so far. It has a good amount of options, romance, action and mystery. I cannot wait for the next chapter to come out if you are working on it. :)


Thank you! I am. :) It should be done by the end of July (I hope so anyway). 

No, Thankyou for the amazing game! I was also wondering if you plan on having any 18+ scenes or just keeping it like PG 13? Either way is great I was just wondering because I feel like it adds depth to certain characters and connections between them :) 

I get what you mean, but to be honest I am not sure I will, not in this game at least. I don’t think I’d be able to fit an NSFW scene in the plot without it looking forced. Mainly because I had the plot already planned out before I started working on the game, and it didn’t include any 18+ content.

I understand that :). Cant wait for the next chapter.