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It's kind of a reflex, from playing so many games that use WASD, I always have my finger on the key. My brain could be 90% in idle and there's one neuron in there that knows - W is to move forward, so I press it a lot.

I see! Because that makes the game play pretty differently (and worse IMHO). Thanks for clarifying, I maybe need to work on making that clearer :)

I think it's more about 'unlinking' things in the mind. Cause it's clear in Rifter, but it's difficult to counter the reflex, especially when playing lots of games that use WASD.

What are you playing that requires you to hold W all the time? The only kind of game I could think of are racing games :D

Racing, shooters, other first-person games.

You're probably a good quake/FPS player then if you're always on the move :)

Hehe, I don't think I'm great at FPS but I am always on the move in them.