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I finished playing through the first world of this demo. This is a nice little platformer that has some interesting ideas of its own! However, I find that issues with the controls drag the gameplay down a bit.

My main issue with this game is how the jump height varies based on the character's momentum. I don't think this is a bad idea on its own, but there are multiple places in the levels where I was expected to build up walking speed and jump around and back onto a solid platform directly above. These jumps are made frustrating by how the momentum is lost if I change my direction before jumping and how there is often very little room to build up some momentum on the platforms I need to jump from. The slopes also feel a little awkward to move around on and I found myself getting somewhat stuck on them.

The shield and key items seem like they could be made more convenient if they were automatically used. I haven't encountered a reason not to immediately equip the shield when getting one, and it would save a little time if the keys were automatically consumed when trying to enter a locked door.

I encountered one issue with the wall collisions on the cave portion of Level 1-2; I jumped left and over the wall as the moving platform brought me to this area and found myself trapped within the walls, unable to escape.

Hi Taska, thanks a lot for the detailed feedback!

So, about the controls, specifically regarding the momentum issue, I think it's mostly a matter of getting used to... I had quite a few other people play the game and normally this is not a problem for them. I understand it is not perfect but it is incredibly hard to calibrate the controls to feel comfortable for everyone :P
On the other hand, about the slopes I really see it is a problem, but I have improved it in the next version that I will upload soon.

Regarding the use of the items, I think you're right and I will probably change these as you suggested (the key thing was already suggested by someone else as well).

Finally, regarding the collision problem in level 1-2, thanks for finding and reporting it, I will be sure to fix it for next version too. :)