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- My hope was that players would be adults and share unity cooperatively. I'll probably  include some lines about how you should agree as a group how unity is spent.

I think beyond just one play being greedy, some players are just naturally very, very reluctant to use up resources, especially from a group resource pool.

- I do plan on re-examining how healing works in an upbeat world full of magic. I also don't want to upset the balance of the system so I'm being a bit careful about it.

It might have been just the type of game I ran, but I keep having problems in my Blades game where players just don't have time to actually do downtime stuff, because they have to keep up with healing and stress reduction, which feels like a really cool aspect is being pushed aside.

- Effect, positioning, and scale with regard to Big Things is already something I'm stumbling my way through actually. You can see it in the Mage's "Explosion!" special ability. I don't know what the answer is yet but it's on my radar for sure. That being said, I would prefer the solution to be simple and scalable. I think part of it will be just encouraging GMs look at and use encounter clocks in a particular way. I've run a few sessions of Scum & Villainy with Giant Space Monsters that worked out pretty good with clever use of clocks.

Honestly, just saying "This is a 4-clock health monster, each effect is +1 tick" would help a lot. Guidelines on that is something I've constantly struggled with running Blades, it never felt like I was doing it "right" or in a real satisfying way. Even when a player asks to "Fight as well as a small gang" against a master assassin, it's not really clear what that should *mean*.

Random catch re-reading: The mage has an ability called "artificer", would it make sense to call it "Enchanter" or something similiar, so it doesn't share a name with a playbook?

Some great food for thought. Also yeah "enchanter" is a great idea and feels way more in tone.