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Can confirm this issue, segfault on startup with very similar output. Happened also with Demo 4, older demos of Monolith and other GameMaker titles work fine.

I did some testing and it seems to only affect certain AMD cards (namely those using RadeonSI, so HD7000 series and newer). Trying with RX480, HD6450, Nvidia GT710 and software rendering all on the same system, the game only fails to start with RX480.

With some trial and error I've found a workaround, starting the game with the environment variable R600_DEBUG=mono seems to work for me. Alternatively you could try official drivers from AMD if your card is still supported. If all else fails you can try to force software rendering with LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1, although it'll probably be too slow to play.

W-whoa. Nice work there man.

I actually did some more testing and got some rather nonsensical results. Just setting R600_DEBUG=vs,ps makes the game run, even though all that should do is make the driver print debug info on the vertex and pixel shaders. Another similar option that works is R600_DEBUG=check_vm. Yet enabling some other options at the same time breaks it again.

I honestly have no idea what's causing this, or why the different debug options work. If you guys can test the issue with the relevant hardware and see if it can be worked around, that would be great. Older demos used to work without a hitch.

As a side note, I meant to report this back during DD13 already but forgot amidst all the other demos, sorry about that.