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I am trying to play the game, and so far it's great. Only thing is, I am stuck at the well, and have absolutely no idea how to move forward. I tried to fill it with tea, but 6 cups didn't do the trick, so I think it's not the solution ? I also tried to go to the fence without filling the well, thinking the weight could activate something. I tried other things, but none of them worked (obviously; I wouldn't be here if something had worked). Could you give me a clue ?  Thank you kindly.

Hi Saule ~ this character is happy to endlessly fill up your head with more tea, but in order to enter the Kingdom you'll need an open mind. More of something is not always better.

Let me know if you have any further trouble!


Just finished it, it was very nice ! I liked the aesthetic of the game, the philosophical journey, the black&white drawings. Pretty unique.