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I've been having similar problems, my game froze in December and the last time I saved was in October (I need better gameing habits. XD But now, my game freezes every single time I get to the lunch choice instead of every other time. I was wondering if it may have to do with the scene I had the day before where Emmett shows up to work. Because until then, while the game froze often since the first time it happened, I was able to force past it by saving and re-loading.

We're so sorry you're having trouble. Thank you for sharing the details of what happened! If you think of anything that else that might be relevant, please do let us know.

That's true for anyone who's having this issue. Any details about what was going on before it happened, whether you were able to avoid it or not, etc would be very helpful.

Same here! About December 6th or 16th (forgot which one it was), my game is "not responding" anymore. It happens on the cafeteria screen, where we choose who to sit with. Mine's happening after I go to my second date with Shiloh at the game center, where they see Everett. I've saved just before the glitch happens, and restarted the game. Everytime I try to play that save, the game stops responding on the cafeteria screen.

We're so sorry. Thanks for the details. We updated the game yesterday to try fixing that issue. Is that the version you're using or did you download it awhile ago?