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Is it okay for me to take some screenshots and make some quick reactions based on those outfits?

I'll give you three examples.

*Sigh...* Welcome to Atelier Sweets, what can I get you? Oh, it's you Moxie. Please don't tell me that you expect free candy, because you're not getting any.

Moxie: Aww... But Treeeeat-

Don't 'Treeeeaaat' me, if I give you free candy, boss'll fire me.So scram.

Where are we going now Moxie?

I-I get the job?!

(Okay that was technically four, but whatever.)

omg i love these

I'll be able to give you more soon Nami! Perhaps I can @ you the pictures on tumblr? Should I do nomnomarts or nomnomdev?

either is fine!