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So after playing this game for several hours now. I am pleased with the progress of the development of this game. I understand this is indeed a work in progress. However, there are a few things that should be considered in near future updates. Mostly there are only minor cosmetic details that are still missing the game-play is right where it should be. In-between Ace Combat and DCS.

Cockpit: So far, the cockpit looks great. Having some indicator lights corresponding with messages from the on screen HUD would be nice EI the 'warning' and 'missile' messages in the middle of the screen are kind of awkward and hard to see. Having micro scratches and abrasions on the cockpit glass itself, would be a nice touch towards attention to detail. Maybe a visible moving joystick in-between some olive green legs would also be nice (especially for VR).

HUD: The HUD for whatever reason seems to display incorrect altitude and speed information. This maybe a result of the engine but it is something I'd look at early. The ceiling in game seems to be 13,000 but not sure if its feet, meters, kilometers. There should at least be a method to change the speed from Knots to MPH or KPH. This would at least eliminate confusion for gamer unfamiliar with aeronautics.

Graphics: Graphics are great. Having dynamic weather systems you are almost forced to fly into is a great touch. While traveling through the rain storms there should be an occasional lightning strike similar to ones in DRIVECLUB (for reference). Also while traveling through dense clouds and rain bands there should be a light camera shake in the cockpit mode to simulate turbulence. After pitching the nose beyond cloud cover which should be around 30,000 feet contrails should be still visible and thick and long lasting. At around 50,000 feet contrails should be skinnier and shorter. The game looks as if the ceiling is around 60,000 feet. You should exaggerate the Earth's curvature at that altitude if possible. So to upset the flat Earthers.

Sound: The sounds in the game seem very good. I'd only add one sound effect from my perspective. The sound of sand or small particles colliding with the fuselage of the air frame when flying into smoke or close to debris from an explosion. Maybe the occasional enemy radio chat interference. That would hearken very close the Ace Combat but by the time this game is done you will be competing with Ace Combat 7 directly so why not?

Game-play: There needs to be more indication on which settings are being adjusted in the view padlock configuration. This will prevent the need to invert some settings. There needs to be some type of countermeasures for missile lock. The visualization for where a missile is coming from is confusing. There needs to one primary method (radar map) and one secondary method. The secondary method would be better off as something that doesn't obscure the missile and the path. But shows the angle where the missile is coming from, Im thinking like a red arrow that gets larger as the missile gets closer. Enemy AI should also be coded to evade/hit the deck when they are last alive. Its very easy to kill a single enemy so the last alive should be the most difficult if they are trying to leave the engagement to regain a better position. Having them use the beautiful terrain as cover would make for an epic experience.

Honestly so far for what this game has already done it is amazing, you should ask the community for help. Im sure if you detailed the right formats to follow and had the right agreement you could get quite a bit of help from the community. Keep up the good work. Ill be donating to see this through.


Hi, Thanks for the feedback!

Most of the stuff you mentioned is still a work in progress so there will be major improvements hopefully in the future. The default units in the game is currently in metric (kmh and meters), The pipeline for different measurement units is currently being worked on and I didn't include it in the latest build due to time constraints.

Hopefully by the time the next update hits I'll include countermeasures for the player. And hopefully I'll bring out a small update to address the difficulty and enemy flaring issue.

Hopefully I can bring the next update sooner than the gap between this demo and the previous one. Look forward to it!