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Really cool level design, the difficulty also increases gradually which doesn't seem overdone, just the perfect combination of art and maneuverability.

This is a nice game.

Thank you very much, did you reached the bonus level?

No I didn't. I just played 4 levels and then wrote this but I certainly am planning to complete the game today :)

Thanks, let me know how far did you get, i'm still considering adjusting the difficulty.

Reached level 5 after quite a few tries but sometimes it gets a bit annoying when the fruit needed is really far away but still its not super hard. Its really good as it is. Also I'm not a very good gamer but I have played a lot of platformers and this is a nice game. 

Also I'm really enjoying this playing on my phone. Thanks for that. 

thanks, i really worked on the jump and was afraid it would come out lacking.