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Loved the game and would be thrilled to see more of it!

After a couple complete playthroughs, trying to maximize the size of my city before launching my spaceship, I still couldn't really figure out what the walls were for? I found that the arrow towers were more than enough to defend my island.

I was really liked the song at the end. I wish that the game would calculate a score or something based on how long it took for me to launch my spaceship and how many people I had on it.

We're hoping to get an update out soon-ish, and having a final score at the end would definitely be something I'd be happy to include!

In terms of the walls, they were originally designed to mostly help against pirate footsoldiers, but we didn't have enough time to get the ground-based combat in the game. The barracks was also supposed to be where you made your own footsoldiers from.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! And thank you for the feedback.