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i can't believe i almost passed on playing this game, and i'm so glad i gave it a shot. the first night i played it, i was up wayyyy later than i needed to be into the next morning because i just couldn't put it down! i'm crazy in love with this game, the setting, the characters, and everything else about it. i've told like everyone i know about it, because it seriously deserves all the love it can get. this is probably the first game i've ever played with a trans protag, and it's wonderful to feel seen in a game for once.

i feel like i could write paragraphs of praise for how much i adore this game, but i'll leave it at that. thanks for making such a beautiful, fun story. it's definitely become something special to me, and i can't wait to see what other amazing things you create in the future!


Thank you so much for your kind comment <3 I wish trans people were visible in more media as more than the butt of jokes!


so do i! i really hope we can get there one day. stories like this make me believe we will, and they kinda make living the experience feel less miserable in the meantime. maybe it's a little silly to be so comforted by a game, but it's done a lot of good. thanks again for all you do! <3