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wowowowowow, its 330 am and i just spent a full 5 straight hours going through each of the routes. i expected to only touch the game to check it out tonight, but the worldbuilding is beautiful, the art delicious, and the twists and turns of the story kept me coming back even when i had to get up to grab a snack or go to the bathroom. the CGs for every occassion were spectacular, and i found myself adoring each of the characters so much more than i expected. like? normally the nsfw bits are ones i like to skip thru, but everything was written so interestingly and everything felt like a natural extension of the story that by the end i was actually okay being eaten. 12/10 i would kill a man to get more from this universe and/or more from you.

Awh gosh, it's incredibly flattering for us to know that you found the game riveting enough to stay locked in like that, but we're also really sorry we messed up your sleep schedule! Thank you so, so much for playing the game and for taking the time to provide this sort of feedback. We're really glad we could hit the right balance in the story for you, especially with the nsfw content - we did our best as a team to work out a tone that felt right for the characters and the story we'd made thus far. It's also really touching and uplifting to know you enjoyed the visuals and the artwork!

We unfortunately don't have current plans to revisit this world specifically, not until we really think we have some worthwhile stories to tell. But we're always collaborating, so there will be more from inkethic in future!