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Thanks a lot for making a video of the game! It was really entertaining, especially seeing you react to the ridiculous number of times that the Ice Age event occurred. We hope we didn't give the wrong idea with the game's progress though since you've asked your subscribers to help you decide what to do next with your planet, when current planet progress doesn't really save at the time. Hopefully that's not a problem in case you decide to continue the series. Really, thanks a lot for your video!

In regards of you comparing it to Sort the Court - it was actually one of the main inspirations for this game! We hope that when we expand upon the concept we can add as much as variety to our game as it!

We've also featured your video it in the Coverage Appreciation post we wrote compiling all the videos that have been made so far!


Thank you very much for featuring me on your "Coverage Appreciation" page, I really appreciate that!

As I said over on Youtube -

"Your game is honestly awesome! I had so much fun playing it! And yea, I found out after I closed the game down that I couldn't continue off from where I was which is a shame, but next time I get similar options, I'll go for what people asked to see. I really hope your game gets a lot more attention because it absolutely deserves it!"