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Hey there! Was wondering if this game is a complete game? The descriptions say that it's Act 1 and 2; will there be more acts in the future or is it complete? And if so, how many more acts do you plan to release? Any time frame?

Thank you! This game looks amazing so far, with both graphics and story! :)


Hello !  Thank you for your interest on the game ! 

Yes for this version you have the Act 1 and 2 !  We're hoping to continue making the sequels of course, the final may be around 12 acts aprox! So for now we're waiting for a positive feedback to see if we shoud continue the project or not , since we're only a small team of two ^-^ 

We hope you'lle like the game! Don't hesitate to tell us what you think if you played it !  W're happy happy you like the graphics and story ! 


I have not finished the game yet but I will say, YES PLEASE CONTINUE THE STORY! xD Other comments and reviews have covered some issues already, so I'll just say that the story and mystery are so intiguing and well thought out. I'm honestly so impressed with the story and art, I'd really love for you to continue it so much! I NEED it. xD

If you guys need any testers in the future, I don't really have any experience with beta testing but I'd be willing to help with the English text editing! I do have like an extremely low level of python knowledge from working in renpy myself, so correcting the script even in a .rpy/python format would not be an issue for me. Just an offer if you ever need it!

Thanks again for the amazing game so far! Excited to see what may happen next!