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Just finished part one and I made an account specifically to comment!

I loved this game. Loved loved loved it. The concept, characters, the art, the writing - I loved all of it. All of the characters are incredibly likable, the dialogue is believable, and while the story is simple, everything else surrounding it keeps your interest and attention, so you never feel bored with it.

The art was honestly what caught my eye first, but then I read the description. I'm such a sucker for AI, androids, robots, etc, and so when I saw Joyce mentioned, I was immediately interested! Then I read further and I noticed players would be able to pick gender-neutral pronouns and their romantic & sexual preferences and as a nonbinary person I said to myself, "I have to give this game a try." I am so, so glad I did.


I was incredibly sad to see Joyce go, but seeing comments that he's (he was the male version in my playthrough) going to return in part two depending on what choices you make relieved the heck out of me! I also just love the name 'Joyce'. What a perfect name for such a splendid AI.

I could gush more about this game but then my comment would end up being far too long, so I'll leave things as they are here. Absolutely great job on this game, and I can tell a lot of hard work was put into it!

Can't wait for part two!

Thank you for all the kind words <3 We're really happy that you like our game so much!

We'd love to see more games add gender neutral pronouns to their character choices. Especially because just from a writing perspective it's not much more work than having binary options.

We're happy we stuck with Joyce as a name, too! There were a few other names we came up with during conception but we decided on this one pretty quickly :'D

Looking back there really was quite a bit of work and effort that went into this so we'll continue to do our best to make Part 2 good!

Thanks for playing (and commenting) <3