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I've been really enjoying this game so far - the level design has been entertaining and the Act 1 bosses for each area have generally been fun ideas. I particularly enjoyed Gene Gadget. Right now I'm stuck on the Panic Puppet Act 1 boss, which is... troublesome... but perhaps I'll eventually get around to completing it. Flying segments are always really rough...

I have a few suggestions:

- For the switch in Gene Gadget Act 1, it might more clearly convey how it works if it played sound effects to indicate it was on a timer, akin to Sandopolis zone's grind blocks. I couldn't figure it out and had to time out for one death because I wasn't sure if I missed a pathway or something.

- For Panic Puppet zone Act 1, I feel like it might be served by a mild timer extension of some sort: I enjoy the level design, but feel like I'm forced to rush through and ignore it all by the fact that the fight takes so long to do.

Anyway, so far, really enjoying it!