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BTW, is there a way to unlock features in the public version to the private version? Or do I need to play through the entire thing again?

Firstly, thanks for the donation <3 It means a lot to me!

As for unlock things, currently, there isn't anything like that right now (if I'm understanding correctly). The only version that will have unlockables (like the gallery) will be a Deluxe version when it releases (or for the $10 Patrons).

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What I meant is I heard people can get up to day 20 on Grifter on the donated version, but I had originally downloaded the public version before I had donated, so I can only go up to day 17.

Regardless..the game is fantastic, Dyne. Hoping to see more development with Grifter (and a possible move in?!).

edit: Looks like it was just day 19. Oh well. Loving it so far that I even donated an additional $10. :] Love Harold's story (wish the MC would stop calling him Coach! lol)

Check back here on the 16th, and I should have it updated again (with the Day 20 for Coach too!).

And thank you so much ;--;