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I am using Firefox on macos. I used Firefox's zoom command to make the game smaller and that showed everything, and made the overlay buttons not overlap the game any more so I could play without those hindrances.

I've done a couple runs now. It's pretty tough but I am figuring things out. It's very easy to run out of oil and have no way to restore sanity. I managed to get several levels in—past the one with 9 oil and 3 hearts. I didn't actually need the hearts but since there's no way to go back, I took them. I keep getting killed by the blue flames because they move in real time instead of on turns, and by the time I move my hand from the arrow keys to the trackpad it's too late. It seems I run out of both oil and sanity so that's moot anyhow, I've no resources to fight the blue flame.

I noted that the vampires just disappear on being struck. There is no animation or sound to indicate they've been killed. The ghosts do hiss when they die so that's good. I was surprised the ghosts don't go through walls. Kind of like the old arcade game Gauntlet. :-)

It took me a while to figure out that if I press space, the enemies will move to a square I can attack them in. I had the impression on early runs that I was getting attacked on diagonals but that turned out not to be true.

I decided early on that throwing the lamp to attack is a bad idea. In a comment below it looks like throwing the lantern can take out multiple enemies? I might try that on another run, if they are lined up, but so far I have been able to position myself so they just line up and come at me in a queue like polite British moviegoers.