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There are some ways to overcome an unrecognized controller. However, your "Official Nintendo Switch pro controller wired" *should* be recognized. Let me look into some solutions and get back to you shortly! 

I'll reply here in a bit with some info. I might need a bit of info to help, though:

When you have any controller plugged in, it should say on the main screen what controller was detected in some small text on the Main Menu. When this happens it will likely say "unsupported... applying mouse/keys". Can you tell me what that says when you use the Official Switch Pro Controller?

Thanks and we'll get this sorted :)

Absolutely, I'd be quite pleased to!

Thanks for the reply, I'm looking into this today!

okay! I'm not in any kind of rush, so please do not use too much time. just helping me get camera control on a stick so I can map the rest with j2k is great!

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