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Hello! I want to try your game, so I bought a copy yesterday. Unfortunately it is always detecting my controller, but only as an unrecognized controller, and it's forcing keyboard controls? I cannot even map my own controls if it doesn't recognize the controller?

I have used the following:

Official xbox 360 wireless dongle + official xbox 360 controller

Wii U Pro controller with xinput dongle (detected as xbox 360 controller)

Hori Switch Pro controller wired

Official Nintendo Switch pro controller wired

8bitdo Switch Pro controller wired

Generic USB controller detected as DirectInput device

Is there some kind of override or control mapping option? I have some trouble with my hands and I can not platformers with mouse and keyboard. I think it is a bit strange that the game is capable of detecting the controller but forcibly ensuring I cannot use them.

Normally I would just use joy2key, but the camera controls are bound to mouse movement, and that does not map to an analog stick via joy2key very well at all. It's the perfect storm of "I can't play your game."

Any advice is appreciated! I am happy to troubleshoot myself! Thank you for your time.

- P


There are some ways to overcome an unrecognized controller. However, your "Official Nintendo Switch pro controller wired" *should* be recognized. Let me look into some solutions and get back to you shortly! 

I'll reply here in a bit with some info. I might need a bit of info to help, though:

When you have any controller plugged in, it should say on the main screen what controller was detected in some small text on the Main Menu. When this happens it will likely say "unsupported... applying mouse/keys". Can you tell me what that says when you use the Official Switch Pro Controller?

Thanks and we'll get this sorted :)

Absolutely, I'd be quite pleased to!

Thanks for the reply, I'm looking into this today!

okay! I'm not in any kind of rush, so please do not use too much time. just helping me get camera control on a stick so I can map the rest with j2k is great!

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