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I agree with the lack of a tutorial, but about everything else, did you actually beat the game? A lot of this is addressed the further you go.

For instance, take the choice of whether to build an auto-harvester for an ore node with 29 ore in it. Since the extractor costs 25, this deeply cuts into the player's income.

Don't build extractors for any deposits <40, or maybe <50, ore. If you want to go for 100% clean planets with no losses, you eventually must rely on extractors, especially for deposits >80.

I have thus far not encountered a time where it felt like building a turret or harvester was the correct choice, which is sad, because they seem like such an interesting part of the game.

I think you definitely have not beaten the game yet. If you can leave every planet without turrets with zero losses + 0 deposits left, you're unbelievably good or got insanely far den spawns.


I'll revisit it! You're right that I didn't finish it. I got like halfway through and had 4 crew, but I wasn't getting every ore node on every planet, once it got to a high enough threat level that I couldn't defend the base and gotten enough for some new upgrades I went to the next planet.