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hello jni my problem is like electrocat i tried his fix but still it didn't work

Which version did you use?

hello jni I used the stable windows64bit version

all of the requirements are met

Hi, I have reuploaded the game. Can you try to play it please.

hello jni still it doesn't work when i download it should say ancient-warfare-2-win-64bit-stable-update6.zip but it still says when i downloaded it last time ancient-warfare-2-win-64bit-stable-update4.zip

The display name is wrong because I changed to itch.io's refinery system in update 4. You will download the update 6 version. I got an output log with the problem, which I will fix now.

hello jni my only problem now is the troops placement menu wont close but I'm alright even if you don't fix it


thanks for the fix JNI