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Slight change of subject, since we seem to have FDS enthusiast here, I was wondering what kind of crazy things people managed to make with the ''custom'' wave form of the FDS sound channel. I feel like there could be some wicked possibilities. 

Haven't touched on it yet, very new to this software! But I will post when I create something clever!

The FDS had huge potential but I have yet to see a good song made with it. I've open a lot of FDS nfs to look for one and it's all pretty bad. One of the issue seemed to be (im speculating here) that composer knew that the channel wouldn't be available in US/EU version so they always made it something optional (low humm in Metroid, bells in Zelda, etc). Sometimes only the title screen was making use of it.

But agreed, huge potential there.

The full list of games:

Please share if you find a kick-ass song in this list!